Russell Wilson Embodies Elite Quarterback Play in MNF Win over Washington

By : Ty Schalter   on October 7, 2014

There can’t be any arguing anymore. There isn’t any debate. Put the hot takes in the freezer, and mute the hashtags.

Russell Wilson is an elite NFL quarterback.

How do we know?

Forget the Super Bowl ring. Forget all the amazing stats he’s compiled during his young career. He didn’t finally reach a milestone in one statistical category, or cross some magic threshold in another. Against Washington, at FedEx Field, in a game where nothing broke his way and few of his teammates were having strong games, Wilson simply took over.

With his head, his feet and his arm, he turned sacks into first downs, first downs into touchdowns and touchdowns negated by penalties into even more touchdowns.

Despite intense pressure from a stout Washington defense, some key mistakes from his teammates and three touchdowns being taken off the board due to penalties, Wilson would not let his Seattle Seahawks lose this game—and despite the quarterback on the other sideline having a great night himself, the result was never in doubt.

Countless columns have been written, hot air expelled and Tweetstorms raged about whether or not certain quarterbacks are elite, or are still elite, or will ever be elite. For the most part, all of these debates are red herrings, wasted time and effort, senseless noise shouted into an echo chamber.
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