Keith Olbermann overdoes it with comments on retiring Derek Jeter

By : Michael Rosenberg   on September 25, 2014

Every time somebody praises Derek Jeter, somebody else rolls his eyes. This has been true for at least a decade, since advanced stats gained traction and a segment of baseball fans screamed that Jeter is NOT a great defensive shortstop, or even a good one, but is actually bad, he is terrible — let’s keep going here — he’s a disgrace, it’s like he never played the game before, he can’t move, he’s embarrassing and why do the Yankees even give him a glove? Does somebody help him put it on?

So naturally, there has been backlash to the Derek Jeter Farewell Tour, Sponsored By Everybody. It has been crassly commercial. New Era is selling $100 Derek Jeter hats. The Yankees are trying to squeeze every dollar out of Jeter’s career, because that’s what they do. Remember, their original plan was to market the hell out of Alex Rodriguez breaking home run records. Well, that didn’t quite work out.

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