Harrison Ford confirmed for the ‘Blade Runner’ sequel

By : Josh Dickey   on February 27, 2015

LOS ANGELES — You are now free to talk about the Blade Runner sequel like it’s a real thing. And yes, Harrison Ford will be in it.

Denis Villeneuve, who directed Prisoners, is in talks to helm the sequel, Alcon Entertainment announced in a press release Thursday, with plans to begin shooting next summer. Ford will reprise his role as bounty hunter Rick Deckard as soon as he’s done reprising Han Solo, and maybe Indiana Jones, but who knows anymore.

lade Runner 2 will take place decades after the original, which came out in 1982. Ridley Scott, who directed the sci-fi classic, hatched the idea for the sequel with original screenwriter Hampton Fancher. Fancher will co-write the sequel with Michael Green.

Film production and financing company Alcon Entertainment bought all franchise rights to Blade Runner in 2011, and immediately announced plans for sequels and possible TV components, though there’s no word yet on the latter.

The original Blade Runner, a Warner Bros. production, was itself an adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? — and to this day is considered the template for modern science fiction.
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