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By : Zachary D. Rymer , MLB Lead Writer October 28, 2014

After beginning the postseason as one of the more underappreciated aces in baseball, Madison Bumgarner is now the foremost ace on everyone’s mind. Authoring one of the greatest postseasons in Read More

By : Kevin Love October 28, 2014

You know who had a really crazy summer? Andrew Wiggins. Of all the basketball players I’ve watched over the past few months, Wiggins surprised me the most. I can imagine Read More

By : Robert Mays October 15, 2014

Winners The Lions Defense This Lions performance had a lot in common with the last time Detroit played without Calvin Johnson. It was early October and Detroit was facing a Read More

By : NFL October 11, 2014

Are you ready for some blowout football? It’s here again. The Thursday night game. Or, as this degenerate NFL gambler likes to call it, Thump Day. Each of the four Read More

By : Jonah Keri October 11, 2014

The games have been played and bat flips tallied — and for the fifth year in a row, the St. Louis Cardinals or San Francisco Giants will represent the National Read More

By : Ty Schalter October 7, 2014

There can’t be any arguing anymore. There isn’t any debate. Put the hot takes in the freezer, and mute the hashtags. Russell Wilson is an elite NFL quarterback. How do Read More

By : HARVEY ARATON October 7, 2014

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio — On a day when the N.B.A. announced $24 billion worth of television contract deals with its holdover network partners ESPN and TNT, the money quote came from Read More

By : Mike Tanier October 7, 2014

Five hundred passing touchdowns are a lifetime’s worth of touchdowns. Peyton Manning threw the 500th touchdown of his career in the first quarter against the Cardinals on Sunday. He wasted Read More

By : Zachary D. Rymer October 7, 2014

Already baseball’s top talent, Mike Trout’s first postseason was his shot to cement himself as the game’s biggest star. A good start would be leading his Los Angeles Angels over Read More

By : Zachary D. Rymer October 7, 2014

If Clayton Kershaw wants to add a signature postseason performance to a career résumé that could use one, Tuesday in St. Louis would be a good time and place to Read More

By : Jorge Arangure Jr. October 7, 2014

On August 13 of last year, Major League Baseball sent out a memo to executives from all 30 teams announcing that Cuban born players Yuniesky Lagar, Osbeidy Perez , Julio Read More

By : Bill Barnwell September 30, 2014

Through four weeks, the biggest on-field story in the NFL is parity. If there’s a truly great team in the league this year, it has yet to reveal itself. The Read More

By : Norm Ornstein September 25, 2014

For a number of years, I have been uneasy about the symbiotic and corrupt relationship between lawmakers and professional sports leagues, especially football. Many years ago, I got a call Read More

By : Troy Machir September 25, 2014

ESPN has suspended on-air personalty Bill Simmons for three weeks in response to his controversial comments regarding Roger Goodell on his weekly “BS Report” podcast.The company released a statement on Read More

By : Jonah Keri September 25, 2014

The most famous hit of Derek Jeter’s career sparked a legendary nickname. Entering the 2001 playoffs, the Yankees’ shortstop had built a reputation as a high-stakes performer, but he’d yet Read More

By : Michael Rosenberg September 25, 2014

Every time somebody praises Derek Jeter, somebody else rolls his eyes. This has been true for at least a decade, since advanced stats gained traction and a segment of baseball Read More

By : Zach Lowe September 25, 2014

Welcome to what might become an annual tradition in these parts: using the doldrums of August and September to evaluate one of those bits of style that define the sensory Read More

By : Dan Hope September 25, 2014

Three weeks into the 2014 NFL season, it’s becoming clearer which rookies are capable of being standouts every week and which players might not be able to follow up strong Read More

By :  September 25, 2014

Rankings of the NBA’s best players are never constant. They change all the time, as there’s new information out pertaining to players’ workout habits, international tournaments shining a light on Read More

By : Ryan Riddle September 25, 2014

This was a particularly exciting week of NFL action considering we got to see two of the more anticipated rookie quarterbacks get some action and enter into the power rankings Read More

By : Nicholas Goss September 8, 2014

Poker is a cruel game sometimes. Even when the odds are stacked in your favor, it only takes a little bit of bad luck for everything to quickly fall apart. Read More

By : Michael Baumann August 20, 2014

Baseball is unlike real life in that it features levels of stupidity that cannot be overcome by sheer force of economic might. Last year, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Read More

By : Doug Sibor August 20, 2014

Not every NBA career goes exactly as planned. Everybody enters the league planning to be a Hall of Famer, but obviously that isn’t going to happen; the best outcome a Read More

By : Rory McIlroy August 20, 2014

Erasing your mistakes—not hitting perfect shots—is what good golf is all about. I’ve certainly had tournaments where I felt I was swinging great (like the 2011 U.S. Open, when I Read More

By : Scott Peceny August 20, 2014

Simply put, Tiger Woods revolutionized the game of golf. He was like no one the game had ever seen, and the masses flocked to watch him play- no, change- the Read More

By : Michael Schottey August 18, 2014

It’s difficult to imagine, but the 2014 NFL draft class might actually be underhyped. The draft has become a monolith of hype over the past decade, so it’s easy to Read More

By : Dan Carson August 18, 2014

Your bathroom breaks scrape the 10-minute mark. Your phone battery bleeds out by noon. You can hardly look yourself in the eye most Monday mornings. Why? Why is this happening Read More

By : Jonathan Shieber July 24, 2014

After scoring a new contract worth over $122 million with the N.Y. Knicks, NBA star Carmelo Anthony is looking to take a different kind of shot — starting a venture Read More

By : Kurt Badenhausen July 24, 2014

The world’s richest people are valuing trophy sports properties at record levels. Credit the massive wealth created in the stock market over the last five years, exploding TV rights fees Read More

By : Bill Simmons July 18, 2014

Yeah, I read LeBron James’s classy letter in Sports Illustrated. I believe him. I think he wanted to come home. I think he always wanted to come home. In the Read More

By : Dan Carson July 18, 2014

Jordan Brand released a new, star-studded tribute on Monday to pay homage to Derek Jeter, one of the company’s longest sponsored athletes. Titled “RE2PECT,” the spot shows a veritable army Read More