And the best airline in the world is…

By : Chloe Pantazi   on July 24, 2014

Airlines catch a lot of flak for what they get wrong. Delays, turbulence, dogs crapping all over the aisles — there’s plenty that can go wrong when you’re soaring through the sky inside a metal tube. But plenty of airlines get it right — and the people have spoken about which airline gets it right most often.

According to the 2014 World Airline Awards, Cathay Pacific ranks as the best airline in the world. The announcement came Tuesday by air travel rating site Skytrax at the international aircraft expo Farnborough Airshow, where, in other news, planes are performing insane tricks like this.

To rate the best airlines, Skytrax collected data from nearly 19 million international fliers between August 2013 and May 2014. Cathay Pacific, the flag carrier of Hong Kong, ranked favorably thanks to its tasty in-flight food (and not because of its finger-trapping receptacles in the toilet). Coming in right behind were Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines. Despite sending one passenger to the totally wrong destination, British Airways also made the top 20.

Though no US airlines made the top 20, Virgin America ranked as the best low-cost carrier in the US, while JetBlue, Southwest, Frontier, and even Spirit Airlines (what?!) made the list, in that order.

The US airlines with the kindest flight attendants were also rewarded, with Virgin America coming out on top (duh), followed by Alaska Airlines, JetBlue, American Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest, and Delta.

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